Cecelia Ahern makes a splash with “P.S I Love You,” a surprisingly charming debut about holding on, letting go and learning to love again.

Some people wait all their whole lives to find their soulmates. But not Holly and Gerry”.

Holly and Gerry were high school sweethearts. No one could imagine Holly and Gerry without each other. She couldn’t live without him, until the day she had to. When Gerry loses his battle with cancer, Holly is left all alone, broken and unable to pick up the pieces.

No one knows her better than Gerry, so he leaves her a bundle of letters, guiding her into her new life without him. Each letter signed ” P.S I love you”. With some help from her best friends and loving family, she is on her path to discovering herself. She learns to laugh, overcome her fears and to rediscover love. Life is for living she realizes – but it always helps if there is an angel watching over you.

This book is beautifully written and touching. The characters feel so real and relatable and this book almost brought me to tears. For anyone who has lost someone or fears losing someone, then this book is for you. If you want to have a good read and a good laugh, then you need to read this!


Soo here’s the link for those of you who want to know Gerry and Holly better….http://www.kkoworld.com/kitablar/Sesilia_Ahern_PS_seni_sevirem-ing.pdf


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